The Americans with Disabilities Act. What changes do you think still need to be made?

What changes do you think still need to be made to: “The Americans with Disabilities Act”?   What are your impressions about how it is being used/abused in our nation and in our State and Federal Court systems?   As a Civil Rights Act, what do you think of what it covers and/or should cover?   Thank you.


Advocacy is universal; we need a woman in the White House representing Americans with disabilities.

For far too long women and their rights, whether disability related or not, have been kept out of the spotlight and certainly out of the limelight, especially when it comes to leadership of the efforts.   I believe that what is needed is for a woman to be brought into the Obama White House to head such Programs and efforts, and replace the man who is currently there.   Please share your thoughts.

Thank you!

Malcolm Gillis, 1940-2015

He was a great Leader for rice University. RIP.

Rice History Corner

President Gillis045

What a loss. What a remarkable person.

Malcolm Gillis did nothing halfway. A son of the rural Florida panhandle, his drive, commitment and intelligence brought him to the very top of American higher education. Here’s a link to the Rice News story that details his career, including the profoundly productive period of his Rice presidency.

When he arrived at Rice in 1993 to become the university’s sixth president, Malcolm simply and for all time became one of us. His loyalty was total. There was almost none of that “here’s how we used to do it where I was before” that many modern university administrators drag along with them to each new post. He knew the campus; he knew department assistants, groundskeepers, and librarians by name and spoke to them as colleagues. All his effort–all of it–was directed towards the best interest of the institution. This could be painful at times–I…

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